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Unless we make a mistake on your order, we do not accept returns! All of our wax embeds are described as best as possible.

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***NOTICE: Any business or person placing an order with us for C.O.D., or on account, and then cancels the order or does not accept the COD will be subject to a 33% restocking fee. And, the account will be turned over to our attorney! C.O.D. orders must be picked up within 10 days!*** I hate to list this first of all, but some of you, (and you know who you are), do not make honest purchases for your business. This also applies to any order placed for PayPal or money order payments! Any holiday orders are to be paid in full! We cannot take back holiday orders or special orders. Any order returned will be charged a 33% restocking fee! It takes us many hours to get your orders made so please be sure you are ordering what you want.


Example: Life size means just that, or a little smaller! Please do not call us expecting to return an order saying the embeds are too large! We clearly state that large embeds are ONLY for large containers!