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Yet another anniversary of my Mothers' death is approaching fast. I found this on the internet and decided to place it on my site for others to share. Treat everyone as if it will be the last time you will see them and you want them to know you care. You never know when they will be gone from your life, and you never had the chance to say good-bye, I Love You or "I'm Sorry"! Due to the tragic death of my Mom, I never had that chance to say Good-Bye. Love each other and keep hate OUT of your life.

Please click on the link above "In Memory of Jessie F. Roy" to read this special poem.
My business is dedicated to the Memory of my Mom!
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Two sizes to choose from!
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Pearl Mica Powders for mixing in your soap, UV Resin and Epoxy. Remember, micas and pigments usually get a little darker and/or brighter when wet. A little goes a long way. Sold in 5 gram increments.
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