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Assorted Candles (Your Choice)Assorted Candles (Your Choice)

Some of our newest creations. Below are some of our new Palm Wax candles. These are simply beautiful!
  • (A) Our Footed Victorian square filled with a Palm Wax candle. Shown in Mango & Papaya, but available in any of our scents.
  • (B) Our 16oz. Apothecary. Shown in Mango Papaya. 12oz. also available.
  • (C) Our 3oz. Hex Jar.
  • (D) Our Footed Victorian Square again shown with Downy Type, Vanilla Lavender.
  • (E) 11oz. Urn Style.
  • (F) Our New Mini Wax Bowl filled with Blackberries. Also available in assorted colored bowls and different fruit. These have Gel drizzled over them. Also available in our Containers section to fill yourself. Made from our embed wax.
  • (G) Our Palm Wax Rose Pillar. Availavle in the Specialty and Plain Pillars & Votives section.
  • (H) Are these the cutest or what? Palm Wax Mini Pears. Great to add to fixins, use as Decor or wicked for a tiny votive.
  • (I) Last but not least, our Large Wax Bowl. Available in our Containers section. These are made from our embed wax.

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Berry/Fruit Bowl Candles are listed seperately.

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