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Pineapple Cup Mold Pineapple Cup Mold

A REAL pineapple is scooped out just enough to make a cup type pineapple mold. Great for ANY tropical drink candle!
For Pina Coladas; Simply pour you green wax and let sit for a couple of minutes and pour out. Then pour with your hot, yellow wax and allow to dry. (We made ours with a little too much green). Then simply fill with a pina colada scented container wax and / or fruit embeds. Add a straw and umbrella if you wish for a ONE OF A KIND candle!
Each mold weighs well over 2 pounds. Finished product stands approx. 3.24" high and 5" in diameter. The cup part measures approx. 1.75" deep. Whether you are a gel candle maker or any other type of candle maker, this mold will be a SPECIALTY for you!
If you would like to Special Order this mold, simply purchase below.
(Special Orders Can Take Up To 4 Weeks To Process! Measurments are approximate Due To Each One Being Specially Hand Made!)